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Give Your Feedback on the European Commission Disability Strategy 2010-2020

16/11/2010 | 0 comments

On 15th November the EU Commission published its 10 year strategy to  promote equal opportunities for people with disabilities. The strategy will provide a framework for action at European level.

It aims to support EU countries’ policies and actions and pursues the overall goal of implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The EC Communication declares:

"The overall aim of this Strategy is to empower people with disabilities so that they can enjoy their full rights, and benefit fully from participating in society and in the European economy, notably through the Single market. Achieving this and ensuring effective implementation of the UN Convention across the EU calls for consistency. This Strategy identifies actions at EU level to supplement national ones, and it determines the mechanisms needed to implement the UN Convention at EU level, including inside the EU institutions. It also identifies the support needed for funding, research, awareness-raising, statistics and data collection.

"This Strategy focuses on eliminating barriers. The Commission has identified eight main areas for action: Accessibility, Participation, Equality, Employment, Education and training, Social protection, Health, and External Action. For each area, key actions are identified, with the overarching EU-level objective highlighted in a box. These areas were selected on the basis of their potential to contribute to the overall objectives of the Strategy and of the UN Convention, the related policy documents from EU institutions and the Council of Europe, as well as the results of the EU Disability Action Plan 2003-2010, and a consultation of the Member States, stakeholders and the general public. The references to national actions are intended to supplement action at EU level, rather than to cover all national obligations under the UN Convention. The Commission will also tackle the situation of people with disabilities through the Europe 2020 strategy, its flagship initiatives and the relaunch of the single market."

ENAT invites your comments on this policy document

Will the Commission's Disability Strategy encourage the development of equal opportunities for participation in tourism and travel for persons with disabilities in Europe?  And for visitors from outside Europe? 

Give us your feedback so ENAT can provide constructive criticism to the Commission on its new policy initiative.      

Download and read the Communication, the List of Actions 2010 to 2015 and the Background Report.

and post your comments in the box below (requires member log-in)


Send us your feedback through the ENAT Contact page

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