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  • Diversity and Accessibility Issues in European Project Management

    Webinar presentation by Ivor Ambrose, ENAT Managing Director at the PM2 Alliance Conference, December 2020. 30 Minutes. English language.

  • Training & Research for Accessible Tourism Development, Belarusian State University, 26.11.2020

    ENAT together with Accessible Portugal and Belarusian State University held a 2-hour webinar. The participants shared best practices in training and research that stimulates accessibility in tourism. Original language: English.

  • VisitFlanders Accessibility Videos on YouTube (Playlist)

    VisitFlanders promotes tourism to Flanders for all visitors. Here you can watch and read English sign-language presentations about the accessible offers in Flanders and the pages of their website.

  • Accessible Tourism in Catalonia

    YouTube video showing access to some of Catalonia's tourism offers. "Where the principle of the social right of Tourism for All becomes a reality".

  • British Standards Institute Web Accessibility

    Why are accessibility standards important? How do standards help designers? How can we make the World Wide Web wider? This new documentary provides some answers to the many questions on web accessibility. The video, which includes strong and interesting statements from many authoritative contributors was shown during the European Commission's World Standards Day 2010 'Accessibility for all' conference in Brussels. To learn more about BSI Group, please visit

  • Ecuador Highlands Amazon Tour

    Enjoy the Amazon and the Andes of Ecuador, visiting indigenous communities, beautiful landscape, adventure, handicraft markets, and more.... Ecuador has 4 regions (coast, highlands, Amazon and Galapagos islands).. IT is the only country in the tropics crossed by the Andes, which give a complex geography and many microclimates. Also, the new program called "Ecuador sin Barreras" directed by the Vicepresident of Ecuador is improving tremendously in accessibility and the inclusion for people with disabilities.

  • Discover Oklahoma. Accessible Tourism

    "Tour an A.D.A. accessible cabin at Roman Nose State Park with Shel Wagner. You'll see this cabin accomodates guests with any sort of disability". The speaker refers to the Oklahoma State website at - saying that there is a special section called "Accessible Recreation Guide". However, since this video was made (and published in July 2009) the website has been re-designed and that section no longer exists. 2 minutes 44 seconds.

  • 12/02/2010 Turismo Accesible, Tursimo Para Todos

    Presentation concerning equal rights of disabled people to enjoy tourism. Access to environment, transport, information and independent living. By Pedro Domínguez. Spanish language. 17 minutes. Subscribe to the UNED Channel on YouTube:

  • 2010 Legacies Now Blogroll: Photos and Videos Page

    Travellers with disabilities spend more than $13 billion a year in North America. Find out how 2010 Legacies Now and its partners are helping to make British Columbia a premier destination for these travellers. Copyright Notice: This information is used solely with permission of "2010 Legacies Now".

  • Accessible Tourism Case Study, Winchester, UK

    Video on You Tube by UK's TourismSouthEast, focussing especially on access to Winchester Cathedral for disabled visitors. Refers also to the 'Welcome All' training scheme in which tour guides and volunteer hosts are taking part. (6 minutes, with English subtitles). Winchester Cathedral website:

  • ITB 2009 - Barrierefreier Tourismus

    Ein Beitrag von der ITB 2009 über barrierefreien Tourismus. Präsentiert von

  • Mobility Tours - DVD Videos for Purchase

    Our Virtual Experience DVDs open the world of travel for individuals with mobility issues. These unique Virtual Tour DVDs allow access to historic and beautiful locales like Rome, Venice, Paris, London, Amalfi and now also, the USA. Stock footage videos are available from a wide variety of locations, including archaeological sites. Walking, cycling and jogging DVDs can be used when exercising on treadmills, as a holiday planning tool or as way of "virtual travelling".

  • Curative horse-riding at the only Curative horse-riding Centre of Northern Greece, at the Prefecture of Serres (Video)

    Horse-riding during the first 6-days excursion organized by the NGO "ACCESSIBLE SIGHTSEEING" for people with disabilities_Serres 2007

  • Wheelchair Adventure in South Africa Part II (Video)

    4 minutes 18 seconds. Wheelchair users try bungee jumping, swimmming with sharks, jetskiing and other daring feats on a tour to South Africa. English commentary.

  • Wheelchair Adventure in South Africa Part I (Video)

    4 minutes 50 seconds. A group of wheelchair users on tour in South Africa. Video by Time Line Media, Cape Town. Tour arranger: English commentary.