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Forum Items

  • Anxiety is Accessible Air Travel Nr 1 Enemy

    Roberto Castiglioni writes: People who have flown during the Pandemic discovered a new and unwanted travel companion: anxiety. Ever-changing health requirements, testing, mandatory paperwork, and last-minute travel bans all contribute to high anxiety levels. Whilst this factor is novel for many, it is a recurring one for persons with disabilities traveling by air.

  • Accessible Tourism Cover Designs. An appreciation by ENAT's Ivor Ambrose

    This 7 minute video shows a straightforward collection of 137 graphic design works, mainly covers from reports, conference programmes, flyers, access guides and other publications, produced by tourism bodies, project teams, ENAT members and partners spanning the period 1992 to 2020 (but mainly from the 21st century).

  • Azores for All, 2021

    In 2014 we registered the Azores for All brand, convinced that an unforgettable journey begins well before departure, and when choosing the destination for holidays, through accessible and reliable information, where small details make all the difference.

  • My Brother - short film.

    My Brother from Indigoview on Vimeo. Christmas Eve. On a busy shopping street a young man with a crowbar causes total chaos…

  • Blind through the Okawango Delta– Inclusion excluded

    Hr. Ruediger Leidner, ENAT Board Member, Accessible Tourism representative of the German Federation for Blind and Partially-Sighted people and President of Natko, gives a personal account of a recent trip he and his wife made to one of South Africa's wildlife parks.

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