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Accessible Tourism: Impact to the Local Economy of Promoting Northern Ireland as an Accessible Destination

24/02/2016 | 1 comments

A study report by Gavin Toal and Michael Holden, Developing Business Managers Programme, Ulster University, 2016.

Accessible Tourism is a relatively new phenomenon within the tourism market as a whole.

This study looks at evidence to see if Northern Ireland can benefit economically by promoting itself as an accessible destination.

Download the study in PDF format from the right-hand panel. 

The Study Objectives

1. To review literature to gain an understanding of the meaning ‘accessible tourism’ and its relevance to Northern Ireland.
2. Check current tourism strategies to see if Northern Ireland is currently developing a policy for this market.
3. Identify the potential market through the use of published statistics.
4. To look at the approach of neighbouring jurisdictions,to examine how they have provided for this market and examine any results that they have been able to produce.
5. Consider Northern Ireland as a region, to ascertain if it has the infra-structure and capacity to welcome visitors in the accessible tourism market.
6. Understand some of the needs of the market by asking relevant questions of a selection of travellers who identify with accessible tourism.
7. To use the information so as to give a conclusion to the question of whether the local economy could benefit from the promotion of accessible tourism.

ENAT thanks the authors for giving their permission to publish this study, as a contribution to improving knowledge on accessible tourism around the world.

1 comment(s) posted

Posted by Waswa Emma on 2016/07/19 - 10:36:17

This is good

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