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European Commission Proposal for Revision of Air Passenger Rights Regulations, 13 March 2013

05/09/2013 | 1 comments

The European Commission proposed on 13 March 2013 a revision of the air passenger rights regulations 261/2004 and 2027/97.

The proposal and explanatory notes can be downloaded from the right-hand panel in PDF fomat.

More detailed information is available at the following web address:

The proposal is currently (September 2013) being discussed by the European Parliament and by the Council.


1 comment(s) posted

Posted by Ambrose Ivor on 2013/09/05 - 11:24:14

A newspaper article from Germany (29/8/2013) refers to plans by the Commission to change the terms under which passengers may be compensated for late departure of flights. In certain cases passengers may be delayed up to 5 hours - extended from 3 hours - before compensation is obligatory.

Another issue is passenger comfort and safety while waiting on the tarmac for a delayed flight to depart.
The new proposal reads: "Today's rules with regard to assistance are implicitly also applicable to delays on the tarmac, i.e. where the passengers are waiting on board the aircraft. This includes to right to refreshments/meals and the right to renounce to the flight [sic] after 5 hours. The proposal renders these rights explicit and in addition gives a right, where the tarmac delay exceeds one hour, to air conditioning, to the use of toilets, to medical assistance and to drinking water. In addition, to render the right to travel renunciation effective, the passenger may request disembarkation after a delay of 5 hours".
Requesting disembarkation after a delay of 5 hours sounds like a very long time on just a glass of water.

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