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Introducing the Disabled Motorists Federation, UK

07/08/2013 | 0 comments

As National Vice-President of United Kingdom based charity the Disabled Motorists Federation and the recipient of a 2013 UK healthcare services award, Peter Lyne continues to strive towards creating greater levels of social inclusion and equality on behalf of disabled people, their carers and families.

Disabled Motorists Federation logoThe Disabled Motorists Federation (DMF) is a registered charity established for over 40 years.

The DMF originally concentrated its efforts on addressing the needs of disabled motorists and passengers (as well as their carers and families) on matters relating to their motoring requirements.

However,due to the DMF adopting a more open attitude towards effective networking over the last eight years, the federation has become an organisation which is keen to address many issues relating to the creation of more socially inclusive, equal and diverse societies for the benefit of disabled people as well as for individuals affected by long-term medical conditions.

The DMF has become increasingly involved in U.K. government initiatives and forums ranging from improvements to trauma care services, law and order, recreation, tourism, healthcare and accessible public and personal transport facilities.

Commercial Opportunities

The DMF now realises the importance of establishing mutually beneficial commercial relationships with members of ENAT (totally irrespective of their international locations) as well as exchanging appropriate information with other charitable organisations throughout the world.

As the DMF continues to gain increasing and more prominent results on the web pages of the internet, more diverse ranges of facilities and support for disabled people are being developed within the UK and abroad,( largely as a result of networking with appropriate professional organisations) and these services will include disability awareness training for prospective employers, health and safety advice and assisting disabled people into future employment.

I can be contacted by e-mail; or by visiting the home page (contact us facility) of

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