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This page displays general event information including past ENAT events and Events from our Members in Europe and around the world. If you wish to make an Event announcement to the ENAT Community please login and enter the event details, or contact the ENAT editor.

The ENAT - Google Accessible Tourism Events Calendar is for information purposes only. The inclusion of an event in the Calendar does not imply that ENAT is responsible for the event or that ENAT has approved the event in any way. Some events are exclusively for ENAT members or project partners.

Please read and check the event details by clicking on the title shown in the Calendar.

Some events are also described in the articles below.

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24/02/2013 BIFA Buy Italy for All - 21 March 2013 in Vicenza, Italy

We wish to remind you that on Thursday, March 21, 2013 during the 5th edition of Gitando - Exhibition of Tourism and holiday in the open air - the Vicenza Fair - Italy, will be held the 3rd edition of the workshop "Buy Italy for All", where Italian sellers will have the opportunity to meet buyers of the Italian and international market.  

09/02/2013 International Conference on "Accessibility in Tourism: an Ethical Value, a Business Opportunity"

Milan, 14 February 2013. Conference at the BIT Fair organised by UNWTO and the Committee on Tourism Ethics, hosted by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers at the Office for Tourism Policies of the Department of Regional Affairs, Tourism and Sport.  

04/02/2013 Llamada a la Participación IV Congreso Internacional de Turismo Para Todos Organiza la Fundación ONCE

26, 27 y 28 de Junio de 2013. La Fundación ONCE para la cooperación e inclusión de personas con discapacidad, le invita a participar en el IV Congreso Internacional de Turismo para Todos, que se celebrará en Ávila, España.  

04/02/2013 Call for Participation: IV International Congress of Tourism For All. ONCE Foundation, Ávila, Spain

26 to 28 June 2013, Ávila, Spain. The ONCE Foundation for cooperation and inclusion of people with disabilities, invites you to participate in the IV International Congress of Tourism for All, which will be held in Ávila, Spain.  

30/01/2013 GITANDO.ALL - Italy's Accessible Tourism and Sports Show, International Trade Conference and More

21 to 24 March, Vicenza, Italy. Gitando.all – The Accessible tourism and sports show is back, with the only exhibition in Italy specifically for people with specific needs and their families.  

24/01/2013 VisitScotland - Accessible Tourism Conference - Unlocking the Potential

Edinburgh, 12 March 2013. It’s VisitScotland’s aim to ensure that Scotland is accessible to everyone. Accessibility issues aren’t limited to visitors with permanent physical disabilities. They also apply to those with mental health conditions, parents with small children, senior travellers, and people with temporary injuries - as well as their travel companions.  

19/01/2013 Workshop on Accessible Tourism at FITUR Tourism Fair, Spain

Madrid, 1 February 2013. The workshop on “Accessible Tourism on Greenways” is organised jointly by the European Greenways Association (EGWA) and PREDIF, the Spanish Representative Platform for People with Physical Disabilities.  

03/01/2013 Accessibility: A Competitive Advantage for Tourism Destinations

31 January 2013, Madrid. Jointly organized by UNWTO, the ONCE Foundation and IFEMA, the event will highlight good practices in tourism accessibility from across Europe and Latin America, with a special focus on accessible destinations in Uruguay.  

06/12/2012 ENAT Keynote at the TRAVEL TURKEY IZMIR Fair

6 and 7 December 2012, Izmir, Turkey. ENAT Member Chris Veitch presents a Keynote speech on accessible tourism experiences and new initiatives in Europe.  

26/11/2012 European Dimension on Tourism Safety and Security

Brussels, 4 December 2012. Organised by Tourism Safety and Security Network of Finnish Lapland / Multidimensional Tourism Institute, in cooperation with Finnish Ministry of the Interior, the seminar provides a venue for tourism quality and safety experts and decision makers to exchange information about tourism development in EU.  

10/11/2012 The Benefits of Accessible Tourism Lecture

Liverpool, UK. 26 November 2012. Liverpool John Moores University, Tourism and Leisure Management will be hosting a lecture on the issues of access in tourism with guest speaker Chris Veitch an independent consultant with wide experience in the field of accessible tourism.  

09/11/2012 Conference. Accessible Tourism, an Investment for Europe!

Brussels, 28 November 2012. Organised as part of the Ile de France Region's "Europe Days", this conference will be an opportunity to discuss relevant actions to make tourism in the EU more accessible.  

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